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HonorHealth Phone Directory

Deer Valley Medical Center – Hospital Operator: 623-879-6100

John C. Lincoln Medical Center – Hospital Operator: 602-943-2381

Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center – Hospital Operator: 480-882-4000

Scottsdale Shea Medical Center – Hospital Operator: 480-323-3000

Scottsdale Thompson Peak Medical Center – Hospital Operator: 480-324-7000

Careers & Recruitment: 480-323-4501

Birth Certificates Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center: 480-882-4045

Birth Certificates Scottsdale Shea Medical Center: 480-323-3095

Breast Health and Research Center: 623-780-HOPE (4673)

Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center Care Coordinator: 480-323-1255

Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center Cancer Genetics Risk Assessment: 480-323-1231

Cancer Registry Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center: 480-882-4067

Cancer Registry Scottsdale Shea Medical Center: 480-323-3098

Clinical Trials- Research Institute: 480-323-1339

Cancer-Lymphedema Treatment Center: 480-323-1100 Option 5

Center for Breastfeeding Support Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center: 480-882-4827

Center for Breastfeeding Support Scottsdale Shea Medical Center: 480-323-3638

Class/Event Registration: 480-882-4636

Cowden Center: 602-870-6300

Desert Mission: 602-331-5792

Diabetes Center: 480-323-4800 Ext1

The Gift Shop at Deer Valley Medical Center: 623-879-5285

The Gift Shop at John C. Lincoln Medical Center: 602-870-6060, ext. 1230

The Gift Shop @ Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center: 480-882-4055

The Gift Shop @ Scottsdale Shea Medical Center: 480-323-3055

Boutique at the Peak- Scottsdale Thompson Peak Medical Center: 480-324-7052

Essential Touch Wellness Center & Boutique(Scottsdale Shea Medical Center): 480-323-3655

Tina's Treasures (Scottsdale Shea Medical Center): 480-323-1990

Greenbaum Specialty Surgical Hospital: 480-882-4958

Home Health Services: 480-882-4222

Human Resources: 480-323-4501

Infusion & Treatment Service: 480-882-4150

John C. Lincoln Health Foundation: 602-331-7860

Maternity Services/Labor & Delivery- Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center: 480-882-4170

Maternity Services/Labor & Delivery- Scottsdale Shea Medical Center: 480-323-3420

Mendy's Place Children's Emergency Center: 623-879-KIDS (5437)

Occupational Health Services Coordinator: 480-882-4626

Outpatient Therapy Services: 480-324-7408

Virginia G. Piper Surgery Center: 480-323-3950

Primary Care Physician Practices: 623-580-5800

Request a Referral: 623-580-5800

Scottsdale Healthcare Foundation: 480-882-4517

Sleep Disorders Center/ Sleep Lab: 480-323-3200

Volunteer Services Deer Valley Medical Center: 623-879-5765

Volunteer Services John C. Lincoln Medical Center: 602-331-5729

Volunteer Services Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center: 480-882-4051

Volunteer Services Scottsdale Shea Medical Center: 480-323-3051

Volunteer Services Scottsdale Thompson Peak Hospital: 480-324-7053

Wound Management Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center: 480-882-6700