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As an executive, you are most empowered when your health is at its peak. HonorHealth can provide you with a clear understanding of your current physical condition, risk factors for health problems and ways to improve your chances for a longer, healthier life.

The first step in taking charge of your health is to know all there is to know about you! Through sound expert advice from HonorHealth Corporate Health, you will become more aware of your physical condition. You will gain the knowledge you need to better understand how to reduce stress and unhealthy habits, creating a lifestyle conducive to optimum physical and mental capacities.

When is the last time that you spent a few hours with your physician? Many people only see a physician when they are ill, or they rush in for a 30-minute physical exam. At HonorHealth, you will spend several hours over two visits with your executive physical team member.

  • Visit One: Testing and initial consultation.
  • Visit Two: Review of results and health planning. For those that are traveling, the second visit can be arranged as a phone consultation.

Your results are provided to you in a binder complete with explanations and recommendations to review further at your convenience.

HonorHealth physicians and staff work hard to provide you the best medical care, using our expertise and the most current tools available. You have their undivided attention. The focus is on you and your health!