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Leave of Absence, Disability, Life Insurance and Workers' Compensation

Disability and Leave of Absence
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Workers' Compensation
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Email: Worker's Compensation.

Staffing Leave Program
Full- and part-time employees (all pay grade levels) may voluntarily take time off without pay during low workload periods. Complete the Staffing Leave Form to request time off under this program.

Leave of Absence
If you expect to be absent from work for more than seven calendar days, please review the Leave of Absence information and your rights and legal responsibilities under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Short-Term Disability
The Hartford is responsible for administering all aspects of the Short-Term Disability and the Long-Term Disability plans. They will determine eligibility, accept or deny claims, and approve the timeframe of a disability. Please review the program description and instructions for more information.

Workers' Compensation Forms:

Life Insurance Benefits

Information on both Basic (employer-paid) and Voluntary (employee-paid) life insurance plans.

Life Insurance Forms