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Summertime in Arizona means more time outdoors in the sun, whether it's hiking, swimming, playing sports or working. Summertime also means the possibility of sun poisoning if you're not protected. Sun
Cerebral aneurysms have been in the news. And while Emilia Clarke's story may seem straight out of a "Game of Thrones" episode, it highlights the growing incidence of this life-threatening condition
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Trying to eat healthier? Take a closer look inside your refrigerator. Some foods — no matter how much you may enjoy them — offer no nutritional value: 1. Soda Whether it's diet or regular, soda has
Why is it critical to control your blood pressure in order to avoid stroke? Victor Zach, MD, director of Stroke and Neurocritical Care at HonorHealth John C. Lincoln Medical Center's Neurointensive
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If you've ever had mono, short for infectious mononucleosis, you probably remember its classic symptoms well: exhaustion, malaise, sore throat, fever and more. While these can be a nuisance, is
A small tear in the colon, a colon perforation can be quite serious. Colon and rectal surgeon Nasrin Ghalyaie, MD, an independent member of the HonorHealth medical staff, discusses how this condition
Ovarian cysts can affect females of all ages, from babies to women after menopause, said Tiffany Stadnick, MD, an independent member of the HonorHealth medical staff. But the most common age range to