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A larger than ideal waist isn't just less than ideal for your clothes. It has health risks that you may not have thought about. First, what's less than ideal? A waist circumference of greater than 40
It's the heart of fresh blueberry season. Blueberries rule when it comes to heart and brain health and reducing cancer risk. This recipe, a twist on traditional hummus, gets its mildly sweet taste and
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If you're weighing the benefits/drawbacks of fats in your diet, realize that there are good fats and not-good-for-you fats. Also, know that how much you eat of the good fats each day is important
When Myra Belson started experiencing extreme fatigue and shortness of breath simply going from her car to the grocery store, she knew something was wrong. When she went in for a stress test, her
Have you "HIIT" your cardio workouts with what may be an especially effective way to promote heart health? Doctors and fitness experts will tell you there are many ways to achieve a great workout with
If you're over 60 and your legs are painful and swollen, chances are it's not related to a heart condition. A more likely explanation is that it's linked to reduced blood flow through the veins in