The COVID-19 vaccine: Why is the distribution effort taking so long?

As you may know, there are complex logistics involved in the COVID-19 vaccine distribution effort. Not only do some of the vaccines require low-temperature freezers for transportation and storage, but a pharmacy team is also needed to prepare the vaccines. There are also very specific timing requirements that need to be followed from the time the vaccine is prepared before it must be administered.

Additionally, staffing the vaccination sites has been a challenge for many in the healthcare industry, as we continue caring for critically ill patients within our hospitals. It’s a complicated process, but healthcare providers across the state are committed to helping get the vaccine distributed.

Eligibility and appointments

As a result of the fragile nature of this work, appointments and eligibility requirements are a critical way we can ensure all doses are accounted for and nothing goes to waste.

To find out if you are eligible, we encourage you to:

  • Monitor the Maricopa County Department of Public Health’s website to see new vaccine locations, find out when new groups become eligible and register for an appointment.
  • Follow the state’s plans on the AZDHS vaccine website.

To make an appointment, you’re encouraged to continue checking:

Please visit our COVID-19 vaccine page for more information.