Yoga Nidra with Singing Bowls and Gong (Non-Cancer Patient)

Yoga Nidra is a sleep-based meditation that is deeply rejuvenating and healing for body as well as mind. The student simply lies on their back for approximately 40 minutes while the teacher guides them, doing breath awareness, body awareness and intention-setting.

The student is to remain completely still throughout the class, and essentially get to a place of hovering just above sleep in the Delta state.

Spontaneous healing in the body may occur and it is an excellent way for any person to experience deep relaxation and healing without having to move a muscle (can also be done in a hospital bed). This type of meditation is very powerful and healing! .

Location: VGPCC Suite 203 Creative Arts room (2nd floor)
Registration is required. Please register at website or call 480-882-4636