Expert orthopedic care for complex trauma and deformities

Patients struggling with some of the most complex orthopedic conditions and deformities may not know where to turn. That’s why HonorHealth offers hope for these difficult-to-treat patients through its comprehensive Orthopedics program located at HonorHealth Sonoran Crossing Medical Center and HonorHealth Scottsdale Shea Medical Center, with additional locations coming in 2021. 
Dr. Anthony Rhorer, MD, specializes in these complicated cases, offering innovative solutions and expert orthopedic care for extraordinary patients. Because his sub-specialty is so rare, patients come to him from far and near.

“Patients come see me from all over the U.S., and I have had some patients from Mexico and Europe, too,” he says.

Top-tier treatment for trauma and deformities

While Dr. Rhorer is able to care for common orthopedic ailments, most patient see him for his expertise in treating conditions caused by traumatic injuries. Many are accidental, including severe workplace injuries, falls from high places, automobile and motorcycle accidents, assault injuries, combat and bullet wounds and other high-force injuries.

“I am a specialist in kinetic energy that can break bones,” he explains.

In addition, Dr. Rhorer sees patients who may have a difference in bone length, pain from old injuries that were not fixed correctly or chronic infections from previous wounds.

“Every case is different,” he notes. “This is complex, advanced orthopedics, and each case has its own nuances.”

Expansive treatment options

Because each case is unique, Dr. Rhorer relies on a broad range of treatment options to help his patients.

“I have a whole armamentarium of techniques,” he notes.

This includes methods for rebreaking bones, plates, nails, screws, biologic drugs made from living organisms, bone growth stimulators, antibiotic spacers and beads to fight infection and more.

“Two patients may have same problem but require different treatments,” Dr. Rhorer says. He is able to design a custom treatment plan for each patient based on their injury, body type and other existing health problems for the best results.

Dr. Rhorer also employs cutting-edge technology in the treatment of his patient’s ailments, including the spatial frame. This technology uses a computer module to design personalized deformity correction plans for patients.

“There have been great strides with computer-aided deformity correction that can analyze limb deformities and help surgeons fix them,” he says. “To my mind, this is one of the biggest developments in orthopedics in the last 20 years.”

A collaborative approach

As part of HonorHealth’s Orthopedic program, Dr. Rhorer is able to partner with other orthopedists and provide enhanced care for patients with the most uncommon and difficult-to-treat issues.

“If a simple issue becomes more complex, I can help,” he says.

Offering hope to patients with the most challenging cases

Dr. Rhorer says he often sees patients who have already seen a number of other orthopedists after suffering from the far-reaching impacts of their orthopedic conditions. Some have lost hope because they have been unable to work, keep up with family responsibilities or participate in activities they enjoy. He finds great fulfillment in getting these patients moving again and back to living their lives. 

“Many of my patients are desperate, and they come to me for help,” he says. “I’m able to solve their problem and help them get better.” To Dr. Rhorer, their success stories are an inspiration.