Keep movin', holidays or not!


With everything you have going on during the holidays, it's easy to put exercise on the back burner. Fight that impulse with helpful tips from Arrin Larson, program coordinator and exercise specialist with the HonorHealth Bariatric Center.

  • Set realistic goals. The holidays are full of luscious food and tons of temptation. It's okay to make weight maintenance your goal, not weight loss. The holidays are not a time to lose weight. A better strategy is to try to maintain your weight. Sticking with your current exercise program or even increasing it lets you enjoy the holidays and still control your weight and good health.
  • Schedule your workouts. Schedule time for yourself to exercise. Mark it on your calendar and stick to it like any other appointment. When you’re finished, check it off. Being busier than ever isn’t an excuse to drop your exercise routine. Regular exercise helps control weight, reduce stress, aids in more restful sleep and gives you more energy and strength. You need to make time.
  • Sneak exercise into activities you’re already doing. If you really can’t find the time to exercise, find activities that can be done while you’re doing other things. There are tons of ways to inject exercise into everyday activities. Rather than shopping online, actually go to the stores and walk around. If you have children who play sports, run up and down the field as they practice. While at work, take breaks throughout the day to walk. Add variety, be creative and involve your family, friends, co-workers and pets.
  • Find holiday activities that help you be active. There’s lots to do during the holidays that can help you stay active. Take a walk around your neighborhood to see all the holiday decorations and lights. Rather than watching TV, get a game of football going or organize a group walk before your holiday meal. The state and city parks are also great places to enjoy the beautiful weather and get some movement in.

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