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When Brandon and Jamie's baby was born lethargic and entangled in the umbilical cord, HonorHealth Scottsdale Shea Medical Center's NICU staff stepped in. Baby Jocelyn's internal temperature was lowered to reduce the risk of permanent damage to her brain. Today, mom, dad and baby are happy, healthy and very grateful for the NICU, dad Brandon writes:

"Jocelyn was assigned a full-time nurse who never left her side 24 hours a day. This was absolutely incredible and neither one of us could believe the level of treatment our baby was receiving. The first nurse assigned to Jocelyn was Julie.

Julie was simply amazing, as were all the other staff members. Julie made sure Jocelyn was completely comfortable; treating her almost as if she was her own daughter. We can never express how much this truly meant to us. Julie made sure the lights were turned down low as she played her soft music. Julie even talked to Jocelyn and sang her a few songs.

Angie was another nurse who stands out to us. I have never seen a nurse who takes such pride in her work and was so careful not to disrupt or disturb Jocelyn.

Jamie and I can't thank you all enough for the outstanding work you all performed and the professionalism was remarkable! You all made it seem like clockwork and we are both blessed to have had all of you treating our little girl.

Jamie and I truly believe that if we were at another hospital, we may not be writing this letter. From the moment staff recognized Jocelyn's heart rate dropping, they knew there was a problem and no more than two minutes later, Jocelyn entered this world! From that point, her care was transferred to the NICU staff, whom all exceeded any expectation we had! Thank you all!"

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