What does a multidisciplinary approach mean to you?

The mission of the Bob Bové Neuroscience Institute is to provide HonorHealth patients with first class, quality, multidisciplinary care and education all under one roof through the entire disease process. The mission meets our vision to create the first comprehensive multidisciplinary neurologic care model in Arizona, by partnering with the foremost clinical experts, to drive quality outcomes, patient experience, and market-leading cost effectiveness models.

What does this mean you and your family?

It means that you won’t have to wonder what building to go to next or be confused about which care provider you need to see. This centralized model of care empowers the patient and creates a consistent, familiar location of care.

Uniting the care continuum into one building also increases the level of coordination between care providers. As a patient moves to different phases of the treatment process, this strategic model will facilitate collaboration amongst caregivers and increase the efficiency of care.

Frequent and consistent interactions with the various providers will bring peace of mind to you and your family. Educational resources and support services will be conveniently accessible, adding comfort and reassurance throughout the duration of the treatment.

Ultimately, a relationship will be developed between the patient, their family, and the caregivers to ensure the proper treatment plan is in place and that the patient’s needs are being met. The Bob Bové Neuroscience Institute is a unique facility where neurological excellence meets patient centered care