U.S. Air Force Seasoning Training Program

The U.S. Air Force Seasoning Training Program is a clinical rotation for Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard medical technicians. HonorHealth is able to offer up to six weeks of clinical experiences for each medical technician and is able to support two medical technicians for each six-week clinical rotation. Clinical rotations are built around the participants' learning needs. The rotation provides real-world clinical training for enlisted personnel to reinforce knowledge and to increase skills and abilities learned during Phase I and Phase II training.

As a member, you will be assigned to a civilian RN preceptor who ensures that you receive appropriate experiences and supervision to acquire the required proficiencies. Course requirements are the same as RSSTP. In order to fully participate in clinical experiences, a rental vehicle is required.

Learn more about our course requirements and prerequisites (PDF).

Lenore Portante
Military Partnership Office Supervisor
Email Lenore or call 480-882-6577.

Roxanne Flynn, RN, BSN, CMSRN
Military Clinical Training and Simulation Supervisor
Email Roxanne or call 480-882-5709.