Why core strength matters


Core exercises are a crucial part of any exercise regimen. These exercises strengthen the body, particularly the abdominal, pelvis and hip areas. Core exercises also make your lower back stronger and healthier. With a stronger back, you'll be less likely to experience lower back pain that's usually due to carrying excess weight or from too much stress on the lower back.

Weakened or overly tight muscles in the spine or lower back can result in painful spasms and lead to an increased risk of back pain or back injury. Strengthening your core muscles helps your body support your spine so that the burden of supporting your body weight isn't just placed on your bones.

Benefits of back and abdominal exercises include:

  • Reducing the occurrence and severity of back pain.
  • Improving balance and coordination.
  • Helping avoid back surgery in some cases.
  • Facilitating healing from a back problem or after spine surgery.
  • Improving posture and enhancing flexibility.

HonorHealth licensed physical therapist Chioma Usoh demonstrates a few back exercises to strengthen your core:

Back exercises to strengthen your core - video 1 of 3

Back exercises to strengthen your core - video 2 of 3

Back exercises to strengthen your core - video 3 of 3