Student placement

Thanks for your interest in completing a student clinical experience at HonorHealth. The Center for Clinical Excellence oversees student placement at HonorHealth. The center is committed to supporting student learning opportunities by providing hands-on clinical experiences in collaboration with academic partners and programs. Clinical experiences are only available to students from an affiliated academic partner.

For general questions, please contact us via email. To learn more, please review the sections below.

Placement processes

If you're enrolled in a program with an HonorHealth academic affiliate, you may participate in a clinical experience at HonorHealth. Please follow the student placement process.

Step 1: Verify Affiliation Agreement

  • Please verify that there is an active affiliation agreement between your academic institution and HonorHealth.
  • If you need to verify if there is an active affiliation agreement, please contact us via email
  • See additional information regarding affiliation agreements.

Step 2: Submit a request for placement

  • Submit requests through myClinicalExchange no later than 30 days prior to the requested rotation start date.

Step 3: Student account

  • Activate your myClinicalExchange account.

Step 4: Approved requests

  • You will be assigned to the rotation in myClinicalExchange once you have activated your account. Activating your account will load any onboarding documents and learning modules required by HonorHealth.

Step 5: Onboarding

  • Complete any required onboarding requirements in myClinicalExchange. You must have an active myClinicalExchange account to complete this process.
  • You must complete onboarding requirements at least three weeks prior to the start of your rotation.

Step 6: IT Access

  • Allied health students: Contact to schedule the IT training class required for your rotation. If you don't attend a training class, you won't be granted IT access.
  • Nursing students: Complete the E-Learning ClinDoc training at least three weeks prior to the start of your rotation. Instructions for completion are provided in myClinicalExchange.
  • Instructions for initial account activation can be found in your myClinicalExchange account.

Step 7: Badging

  • Complete all required onboarding items to be considered "in compliance." Once you're in compliance, you'll be authorized to pick up a student badge at any HonorHealth badging office.

You will not be permitted to attend a rotation if you're not in compliance and do not have a student badge.

Affiliation agreements

HonorHealth reviews requests for new and renewal affiliation agreements based on strategic initiatives and business need. Requests are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Please note the following submission deadlines:

  • March 31
  • June 30
  • September 30
  • December 31

New affiliation agreement requests

Please fill out the affiliation agreement request. To gain approval, the affiliation must fulfill business needs that are not being met by current affiliations.

HonorHealth will notify the academic contact listed on the request form with the decision.

If HonorHealth decides to enter into an affiliation agreement, the academic contact will complete an affiliation agreement process template. Please note, this process can take up to 90 days to establish a fully executed affiliation agreement.

If you're a student requesting an affiliation agreement on behalf of your academic institution, please complete a student affiliation agreement request.

Affiliation agreement renewal

If you wish to renew an affiliation agreement, please fill out the affiliation agreement request at least four months prior to the current affiliation agreement expiration date.

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Rotation requirements

To ensure patient safety, HonorHealth has specific health and safety requirements for each student coming onsite for a clinical rotation. The affiliation agreements between academic institutions and HonorHealth are all held to the same standards and requirements. Per contractual guidelines, all requirements must be met regardless of employment status.

  • Health and safety requirements must be completed three weeks prior to the start of a scheduled rotation and be up to date for all student and on-site faculty for the duration of any clinical rotation.
  • Documentation for the requirements will be uploaded into myClinicalExchange.
  • Onboarding and orientation modules are completed in the myClinicalExchange platform.

Please review all health and safety requirements.

Transition to Practice

In collaboration with affiliated academic partners, HonorHealth offers a program for BSN students completing the final semester of their academic program to finish clinical training on a specific unit, supporting the student's transition to become a new graduate nurse.

The Transition to Practice program is offered in the fall, summer and spring semesters. Students are required to apply to the Transition to Practice program per the academic institution's instructions. Additional information and timelines are subject to each academic institution. Please contact your academic institution's clinical coordinator for additional information.

Current partner programs

  • Arizona State University College of Nursing and Health Innovation.
  • Grand Canyon University College of Nursing and Health Professions.
  • Northern Arizona University School of Nursing.
  • The University of Arizona College of Nursing

What can you expect from the Transition to Practice program at HonorHealth?

  • One dedicated preceptor who has been educated for your learning and support.
  • The opportunity to be a member of the clinical team and learn about the organization.
  • The possibility for employment on the assigned unit, but this is not a guarantee.

Program eligibility

You should:

  • Be enrolled in your final semester, graduating at the end of the requested semester.
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.2.
  • Be in good standing at your school with no Code of Conduct violations.
  • Be in good standing if you're employed at HonorHealth.
  • Be eligible for rehire if previously employed at HonorHealth.

Observation opportunity

HonorHealth offers observation opportunities to students enrolled or enrolling in a program that requires observation hours. Please be aware that observation opportunities are limited. HonorHealth tries to support various learning opportunities, but space is limited and based on staff availability.

Eligibility requirements:

  • You must be 18 years old or older.
  • Observation hours must be a requirement of your school program. Supporting documentation is required.
  • Documentation of current negative TB screen. Influenza vaccine is required during flu season (October – March).

If you meet the eligibility requirements, submit a request for observation hours.

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