Research Institute

Clinical Research at HonorHealth

The essence of medical research at HonorHealth Research Institute is this: Innovative treatments, pharmaceuticals or medical devices that hold the promise of better treatment for diseases are not just evaluated here, they're developed here as well.

HonorHealth has attracted some of the most distinguished physicians and researchers in the nation, and their discoveries are giving patients with cancer, heart disease and obesity-related medical conditions new hope for a better quality of life.

The team at HonorHealth Research Institute focuses on:

  • Translating medical innovations into solutions: Patients have the opportunity to participate in clinical trial research so that medical professionals can better understand the causes and best clinical treatments for many diseases and disorders.

    The institute's research teams are committed to accelerating breakthrough therapies for treating devastating and debilitating disorders. Some of these conditions often have had limited solutions, but that's changing — more quickly than you might think.
  • Practicing precision medicine: Working closely with our research partner, the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), the HonorHealth Research Institute has developed a precision medicine approach for cancer patients. They can receive personalized therapeutic options as the research clinician monitors drug treatments and responses to the drugs. The research institute also is doing first-in-human studies for rare tumors.

    With scientific advancement in understanding human genetic make-up and the body's relationship with disease, researchers are able to pinpoint which drugs and therapies can slow down or stop the progression of certain diseases.
  • Collaboration and education: HonorHealth's Research Institute is an institute without walls thanks to its established partnerships with some of the most prestigious universities and research institutions in the U.S. — including Harvard, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Salk Institute, TGen, University of Arizona and Arizona State University, as well as with many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

By sharing information, researchers all over the country learn from each other, and that can benefit patients everywhere.

Participate in a Clinical Trial

For more information about eligibility for a clinical trial, please visit the following pages:

Physician Involvement

Physicians interested in research and collaboration with HonorHealth Research Institute should contact Mark Slater, Ph.D., vice president of research, at 480-323-1242.