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Physical medicine doctor eases Matthew's back and leg pain - HonorHealth patient story
physical medicine and rehabilitation
In the early 2000s, Matthew had four surgeries on his back — including two fusions to stabilize his spine — three operations on his abdomen and one on his elbow. Now 52, he never expected to face so
Steve's story - leukemia
cancer and hematology
Chemotherapy – not a bone marrow transplant – was the right approach for Goodyear man In August 2017, Steve was having alarming symptoms. "I had a mass on my chest the size of a baseball," he said. "I
Surgical repair options for hernia patients at HonorHealth
Today, people who suffer from a hernia have more than one repair option. Hernias still must be repaired surgically, but now you can avoid open surgery by choosing laparoscopic or robotic surgery. The
Better pancreatic cancer treatments - HonorHealth Research Institute (Photo credit to Dan Vermillion Photography)
cancer and hematology
Scottsdale resident one of those who benefited from new chemotherapy regimen Patients living with cancer—especially those with pancreatic cancer—now have more treatment options than ever before. "The
Find treatment alternatives for Afib from experts at HonorHealth
If you’re one of the 2.7 million Americans who suffers from atrial fibrillation, you probably know that blood thinners are one way to treat the symptoms and limit your risk of stroke. However, not
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