Draft HonorHealth Medical Staff Documents

Thank you for your interest in applying to HonorHealth. Below you'll find information about applying for privileges at any of our five hospitals.

To streamline the credentialing process, and for your convenience, we have one HonorHealth credentialing verification office that coordinates the application process for all HonorHealth facilities. The HonorHealth credentialing procedures provides an overview of the process.

There is one set of qualifications and a single code of conduct for all five hospitals. All practitioners are expected to have read and adhere to the professional behavior expectations. Please note that you must have read and met the minimum qualifications to apply. HonorHealth utilizes an online application process called AppCentral, if you meet qualifications and would like to request an application link please utilize the application request form.

It is important to note that HonorHealth has three Medical Staffs. Each Medical Staff and their governance documents can be found below:

Use the following link to pay your fees (appointment and reappointment fees, as well as dues).

If you have specific questions about the credentialing or medical staff process, please email the credentialing office and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.