Heart clinical trials

Clinical Trials

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HonorHealth's heart research program offers advanced medical treatments, which include nationally recognized heart and vascular clinical trials that offer you early access to promising innovative treatments.

HonorHealth's heart research team partners with your physician to determine which cardiovascular clinical trials are the best treatments for you and your future health.

Evidence from clinical trials has led to many changes in treatments that have helped patients with heart problems. Although a large body of data is available to guide physicians and other providers to the best treatment options, sometimes there are more options available to you by participating in a clinical trial.

Clinical trial spotlight: Tendyne Mitral Valve Replacement System Trial

HonorHealth is offering patients access to a new, non-open heart surgical procedure to replace faulty mitral valves. Through a clinical study, researchers are evaluating the performance and safety of the new Tendyne Bioprosthetic Mitral Valve System in the treatment of severe mitral regurgitation. Eligible patients are not suitable candidates for surgical replacement with otherwise available devices. Approved candidates may benefit from the catheter-inserted valve replacement technology.

Subjects must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Severe mitral regurgitation of primary or secondary etiology.
  2. New York Heart Association functional Class ≥ II. If Class IV, patient must be ambulatory.
  3. Heart team determines patient is not a suitable candidate for traditional surgical treatment.
  4. Age 18 years or older.

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Why should you participate in a heart clinical trial?

When you participate in a heart clinical trial, you can:

  • Play a more active role in your own healthcare.
  • Potentially gain access to novel investigational devices and agents before they are widely available to the general public.
  • Have extended and personalized care through access to a dedicated team of research nurses and physicians.
  • Help others by contributing to medical research.

A track record of cardiovascular research

For more than a decade, the HonorHealth Research Institute has helped redefine heart care across the nation through participation in groundbreaking clinical trials. Researchers have contributed to FDA approvals for several coronary devices and made major scientific contributions to the advancement of heart and vascular disease treatments.

For additional information about the current cardiovascular clinical trials available through the HonorHealth Research Institute, call 480-323-1046.