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HEART ATTACK Know the major warning signs: Chest Pain Shortness of Breath Pain that Spreads to the Shoulders, Jaw, Back or Arms Nausea If you experience any of these, please call 911 immediately. We
Having trouble distinguishing fact from fiction when it comes to heart disease? You're not alone. Nikhil Iyengar, MD, an HonorHealth cardiologist, debunks the two of the top 10 myths he hears from
A heart attack is your heart's way of telling you that it's starved for oxygen. It happens when an artery that feeds oxygen-rich blood to the heart becomes obstructed. Call 911 immediately if you
Found on most tables in restaurants and homes across America, salt plays a role in enhancing the flavor of foods. But overdoing it on salt can create dire issues for those with heart failure and even
Spice up your life in a healthy way. Did you know that many spices are loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds? Adding certain spices to your meals can not only kick it up a notch