Bringing Healthcare to the Doorsteps of Those who Need it Most

HonorHealth Mobile Integrated Healthcare Practice

HonorHealth and the Scottsdale Fire Department are partnering to provide referred patients with a Mobile Integrated Healthcare Practice that will visit them at home. A doctor, case manager or social worker can refer patients to the program for issues like:

  • Calling 9-1-1 frequently about health conditions or concerns.
  • Going to the emergency room for conditions that a primary care doctor can treat.
  • Being frequently readmitted to a hospital.
  • Having a medical condition that requires extra help at home.
  • Needing help properly sorting medication and planning follow-up doctor visits.

For cases like this, an HonorHealth nurse practitioner and Scottsdale Fire Department paramedic can visit the patient at home and help with:

  • Scheduling and coordinating routine doctor visits.
  • Educating about medical conditions and the medications.
  • Making sure homes are safe.
  • Understanding how diet affects medical conditions.
  • Avoiding common injuries.
  • Navigating other community resources.
  • Using 9-1-1 and emergency departments correctly.

For more information on the Mobile Integrated Healthcare Practice, call 480-312-6447.