HonorHealth is first healthcare provider in Arizona to perform FDA-approved, leading-edge treatment for patients at risk of foot and leg amputations

Scottsdale, Ariz. (June 11, 2024) – HonorHealth, a leading healthcare system serving more than five million people in the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale areas, is the first healthcare system in Arizona to treat patients with chronic limb-threatening ischemia, a severe form of peripheral artery disease, using a minimally invasive technique to bypass blocked arteries in the leg and restore blood flow to the foot. Prior to this technique, patients with this disease were considered no-option cases, which often led to amputation of the foot or leg.


Chronic limb-threatening ischemia commonly impacts patients with diabetes, coronary artery disease, obesity, high cholesterol and/or high blood pressure. Due to the lack of blood flow through the arteries and main blood vessels, patients experience chronic pain, wounds and infections. This new leading-edge technology allows our surgeons to connect an artery in the calf to a vein near the foot to restore blood flow to the feet and drastically reduce the risk of amputation.

“HonorHealth Heart Care is excited to be at the forefront of finding innovative treatment options to give patients, who would otherwise face amputation, hope,” says Hasan Aldailami, M.D., network director of vascular surgery at HonorHealth Heart Care. “We take a multidisciplinary approach involving vascular surgery, podiatry, sonographers, nursing staff and more to ensure patients receive the highest quality care. This is one of many innovations showcasing our commitment to creating the most comprehensive and cutting-edge vascular program in the Southwest.”

Aldailami and Avigayil Ribner, M.D., were part of the multi-disciplinary team that completed the first procedure at HonorHealth Deer Valley Medical Center in May 2024.