'I didn’t want to die at my desk.’

HonorHealth Wellness Stories - Tom and Judy

Last year, my husband, Tom, and I quit our jobs, sold our house and dumped most of our possessions. In January, we hit the road. We're living in a 22-foot, fancy camper van, going where the wind blows us, looking for 72-degree weather, great hiking and roadside attractions.

My near-diabetes diagnosis and his eight-year cancer survival helped inspire us to seek a healthier, happier life.

Weight has been a struggle all my life, and as I hit my 50s, it seemed to get harder. Work was all consuming. A typical day meant an endless stream of caffeine, fast food at my desk and crawling home to crash in front of the television. A recipe for disaster.

HonorHealth Wellness Stories - Judy biking

My rising blood sugar was a sign of my insulin beginning to fail. It was one of those light-bulb moments. I got it. That's when I met Mary Lee at the HonorHealth Diabetes Center.

Today I regularly think of Mary Lee's office. The diabetes education helps me stay healthy for the adventures to come: the South and East next year, then the Great Lakes, and someday driving across Europe.

I make wiser eating choices, and I'm moving more, hiking trails from the Guadalupe Mountains in Texas to the Olympic rain forest in Washington.

HonorHealth Wellness Stories - Tom and Judy hiking

I didn't want to die at my desk. I wanted to be healthy, to drive down the road, wind in my hair. Tom was on the same page. Instead of waiting until 65, we sliced our budget in half and “retired” at 58.

See photos and follow Judy's adventure at newamericannomads.com.

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