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Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)

Advances in radiation therapy techniques are constantly evolving. The Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center offers the most advanced treatments for your cancer including Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT).

IMRT is a specialized form of radiation therapy that allows the radiation to conform closely to the 3D shape of your tumor. A form of external beam radiation therapy, IMRT beams can be broken up into many "beamlets." The intensity of each beamlet can be adjusted individually, allowing for a higher dose of radiation to the tumor with potentially less exposure to surrounding healthy tissue.

RapidArc® Radiotherapy

RapidArc radiotherapy technology is a new approach to IMRT that delivers precise treatments in shorter times than conventional IMRT therapies. RapidArc® Radiotherapy is a major medical advancement because it can quickly deliver a complete IMRT treatment with as little as a single rotation of the radiation machine around the patient. The entire tumor volume receives the radiation dose during the revolution of the machine.

A typical RapidArc treatment takes less than two minutes, meaning that you can be in and out of treatment quickly and return to your daily routine.

Using computer-generated images, the radiation is shaped and reshaped as it's delivered continuously from virtually every angle in a 360-degree revolution around the patient. As a result, higher doses of radiation are delivered with more intensity, while the exposure to surrounding healthy tissue is reduced. It treats the entire tumor with pinpoint accuracy and is easier and more convenient for you — you don't have to hold still for long periods of time.

Radiation oncology services are offered at various locations throughout HonorHealth's network. To learn more or to find a location nearest you, please contact a cancer care coordinator at 480-323-1255 or 877-273-3639.