HonorHealth’s Ethics and Compliance Program

HonorHealth has implemented an Ethics and Compliance Program to assure its operations conform to the federal government’s efforts to prevent fraud, waste and abuse within the healthcare industry.

HonorHealth is committed to conducting its business affairs with integrity and in compliance with federal and state laws and private payer health plan requirements. Organizational policies on ethical and legal conduct are designed to prevent, detect and resolve violations of the law. The HonorHealth Code of Conduct and other related policies have been implemented to reflect these commitments.

HonorHealth and third-party contractors

HonorHealth contracts with many third-party vendors, contractors, consultants and suppliers to fulfill its care-giving mission. It is HonorHealth’s expectation that these third parties uphold the same level of commitment to compliance as HonorHealth.

HonorHealth’s Code of Conduct applies not only to employees, physicians and volunteers, but also to vendors, contractors, consultants and suppliers to establish a continuum of integrity across the organization.

HonorHealth’s Ethics and Compliance Program Manual provides a comprehensive description of the program operation. All third-parties contracting with HonorHealth are expected to comply with the provisions of HonorHealth’s Compliance Program.

Code of Conduct (PDF).

Ethics and Compliance Program Manual (PDF).

If you are a contractor or vendor with HonorHealth, please read the information below related to the Federal False Claims Act, administrative remedies for false claims, state laws regarding the submission of false claims, and the protections under these laws for people who report or file suit for alleged violations. These laws and policies play an important role in detecting and preventing fraud, waste and abuse in federal and state-funded healthcare programs.

False Claims Act summary (PDF).

Non-employed contract staff must meet certain requirements in order to protect the health and safety of HonorHealth patients and employees, and to comply with local, state and federal regulations, and requirements of accrediting bodies.

For more information related to HonorHealth’s business practices and expectations of vendors and suppliers, visit the Information for suppliers page.

If you have any questions about HonorHealth’s Ethics and Compliance Program, please contact HonorHealth’s Interim Chief Audit and Compliance Officer, at 480-587-5061.

Disclosure of interest glossary (PDF)

Conflict of interest policy (PDF)