Immunizations to prevent diseases such as chicken pox, mumps/measles/rubella (MMR), pertussis and hepatitis A and B are recommended for kids of all ages. Immunizations are often required to attend school and participate in certain activities.

Consult with your primary care physician to determine the best plan and vaccination schedule for your children.

For adults, immunizations and boosters (an additional dose to boost immunity) are equally important. Know your vaccination history and remain up-to-date on your vaccination boosters. Get an annual flu shot. The shingles and pneumonia vaccine are often recommended around age 60.

If you or your family members are travelling abroad during the summer months, consult with your family doctor to determine if you need any additional vaccines.

Here's a tip: Keep an electronic record of your immunizations using MyChart, available through your HonorHealth MedicalGroup primary care physician.

Where can my children receive vaccinations?

All HonorHealth Medical Group primary care locations offer vaccinations. More than 30 HonorHealth Medical Group primary care locations are conveniently located around the valley.

See the Center for Disease Control recommended vaccination schedules for children and adults.