Three vaccines to consider getting this fall

Respiratory viruses can strike at any time. The three most common are the flu (influenza), COVID-19 and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Although their timing is unpredictable, the highest spike takes place during the fall and winter. Heather Harrison, MD, a family medicine physician with HonorHealth Medical Group, shares important information about the three vaccines that can help you and your family stay healthy and safe.

“Each of these respiratory viruses are contagious and can spread very quickly,” states Dr. Harrison. “Vaccines are your most powerful armor against falling ill or facing severe sickness.”

Here are the three vaccines we recommend getting this fall:

1. Flu: The flu vaccine is recommended for anyone six months of age and older. Unlike a cold, the flu is a serious and potentially deadly condition. Seniors and those with more than one chronic disease are at higher risk for complications. You can benefit from this vaccine by having a shorter and less severe flu experience. Protect yourself, your family and your community from influenza by scheduling time to get your annual flu shot.

2. COVID-19: The CDC recommends everyone age six months and older get vaccinated against COVID-19 with the newest COVID-19 vaccine, which targets the most common variants. If you’re 65 years and older or severely immunocompromised it is recommended that you get a booster or additional dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to stay safe. Talk to your primary care doctor to understand the right dosage for your age and condition.

3. RSV: RSV is a common respiratory virus that usually causes cold-like symptoms. However, there are instances where it can cause more severe symptoms for some individuals. This condition impacts thousands of people, but most commonly infants and adults over the age of 60. There's a new RSV vaccine – the first ever – that the CDC recommends for adults 60 years and older, or if you're pregnant. Talk to your primary care doctor to see whether the RSV vaccine is right for you.

“Prevention is key,” states Dr. Harrison. “Don’t put off your annual wellness exam. Make sure you talk to your primary care provider to ensure you are current with recommended vaccinations, find out where they are available and discuss which ones are right for you.”

Please note: All of these vaccines are available at your local pharmacy. Or call your insurance plan to be directed to the nearest vaccination location that accepts your insurance.

Three vaccines to consider this fall - COVID-19, Flu, RSV

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