Warning signs of depression

Depression is a medical condition just as cancer and diabetes are medical conditions. It is normal to experience periods of sadness, especially after a challenging event such as losing a loved one, job loss, or a traumatic injury or diagnosis. Occasionally feeling down is expected, but when sad feelings do not pass with time or start to impact many areas of your life, these could be signs of depression.

We spoke with Alicia Shipman, LCSW, from evolvedMD, our HonorHealth primary care behavioral health services partner, to learn more about the warnings signs you should look out for.

“Often, we’re quick to reach out to our doctors for physical issues, but not mental health concerns. Knowing the initial signs of depression is important, so we’re able to provide care promptly when these signs are present to reduce the severity of the illness.”

Learn about the warning signs of depression

Some warning signs include

  • Pessimistic feelings
  • Irritability and restlessness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Fatigue
  • Poor eating habits
  • Loss of interest
  • Feelings of helplessness
  • Feelings of emptiness
  • Insomnia or excessive sleeping
  • Aches and pains
  • Suicidal thoughts

Depression can range from not wanting to get out of bed for work in the morning to self-harm or suicide. It is important to remember that, as with anything in life, challenges will pass. You often come out stronger having learned the lessons of our struggles. Keep in mind, there is always help and support available, and you are never alone in your battle with depression.

When to see a doctor

If you feel depressed, make an appointment to see your doctor or behavioral health specialist as soon as you can. If you're reluctant to seek treatment, talk to a friend or loved one, any healthcare professional, a faith leader or someone else you trust.

When to get emergency help

If you think you may hurt yourself, or if you have a loved one who is in danger of suicide or self-harm, please call 911 or 988 (the suicide hotline) immediately.

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