What to expect at the hospital

Thank you for choosing to deliver at HonorHealth. We value family-centered care and want to accommodate all your delivery wishes during the COVID-19 pandemic. To keep you and your baby well, we are following guidelines from all local, state and national societies. The science regarding the virus is rapidly evolving, and we have a multidisciplinary team dedicated to keeping you and your newborn safe during delivery.

Our Labor and Delivery and Couplet Care staff and nurses are here to support you every step of the way. Your new family’s health and safety are our highest priorities, and we are committed to making this a very special and memorable experience during this unprecedented time.

We are currently taking the following measures to ensure the safety of mom, partner and baby at HonorHealth:

  • One support person will be allowed on the Labor and Delivery Unit. Both you and your support person will be screened with a temperature check and questionnaire prior to entering. If your support person has a fever, they will not be allowed into the unit. For information about doulas, see the information below.
    • At this time, the delivery support person may come and go from the hospital.
    • Patients in our Antepartum “high risk” area (patients hospitalized while pregnant, but not admitted to have their baby): One designated visitor (for entirety of stay) can visit from 3-7:30 p.m. daily. Visitor will be screened and badged.
    • Visitation to the NICU is limited to parents only. Parents can leave intermittently during the day. They are to go directly from their car to the NICU and immediately exit the building after their visit. While the mother of a NICU baby is hospitalized, the designated visitor is not to come and go from the hospital or within the hospital. Food for both parents can be ordered from the cafeteria. 
  • Out of an abundance of caution, we are testing all maternity patients for COVID-19. If you are having a C-section or induction, you will be screened two to three days before you are admitted. All other patients will be screened upon admission. 
  • If you test positive for COVID-19, your baby can stay in the room with you in an isolette (incubator). If you test positive:
    • Your support person will be tested. They will need to test negative to enter the hospital. If they refuse to be tested, they cannot stay with you.
    • If your support person tests positive, you can designate another support person to stay with you in the hospital. This person will be tested and must test negative. 
  • You and your support person will be asked to wear a face mask during your hospitalization, if you are able. All members of your care team will be wearing face masks while caring for you.
  • Electronic communication is allowed and encouraged with family members and others.
  • At this time, we are not offering newborn photo shoots.

Doula information:

HonorHealth Scottsdale Shea, HonorHealth Scottsdale Osborn and HonorHealth Sonoran Crossing medical centers are allowing certified doulas into their Labor and Delivery Units. You will still be able to have one support person with you in the Labor and Delivery Unit, in addition to one certified doula.
To maintain the health of our patients, the following guidelines will be in place:

  • One certified doula is allowed per patient, and she/he must bring an N95 mask to the hospital.
  • For moms-to-be, please call ahead to let the hospital know that your doula is coming with you to the Labor and Delivery Unit and the name of your doula. 
  • The doula should enter the hospital at the main entrance and will be screened with a temperature check and health questionnaire before  proceeding to the Labor and Delivery Unit.
  • The doula will present her/his credentials to the Labor and Delivery supervisor prior to being allowed into the unit. The doula must show that she/he has adequate PPE, including an N95 mask for delivery. The doula will be given a copy of the HonorHealth doula guidelines.
  • The doula must provide her/his own meals.
  • The doula can stay with you until you are moved to the Couplet Care unit. Once screened, the doula cannot leave the OB unit.

The following guidelines are in place for patients with signs or symptoms of COVID-19 (e.g., fever of 100.0 °F or greater, coughing, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell):

  • If you are at home, please call the HonorHealth OB COVID-19 hotline at 480-587-6200. You will be directed to our OB hospitalist, who will give you appropriate recommendations for your care.
  • Since the risk of transmission to other individuals may be higher during delivery, we have implemented specific protocols for both vaginal deliveries and cesarean deliveries. We will provide you with detailed information when you arrive.
  • Guidelines may change in the future as we understand more about COVID-19 and its effect on mothers and babies.

Pre-registration and parking information

To pre-register for your delivery, complete this registration form and email it to the location where you are delivering. This information is listed on the form. We do suggest that you pre-register as early as possible during this time.


Shea deliveries

When you arrive, please do not go to the Emergency Department. Enter the hospital through the main entrance near the southwest part of the building. The entrance is open 24 hours. The volunteers at the main entrance desk will direct you to Labor and Delivery on the second floor. Once on the second floor, follow the signs to Labor and Delivery.

Osborn deliveries 

When you arrive at the Scottsdale Osborn Family Birthing Suites, enter through the after-hours entrance on the north side of the building.

Sonoran deliveries

When you arrive, please go to the Emergency Department. The entrance is open 24 hours.

Watch our maternity live streams

For more detailed information, please watch our weekly live streams on YouTube where an HonorHealth OB and/or Couplet Care RN will discuss all COVID-19 protocols for Labor and Delivery as well as answer frequently asked questions. Tune in on the HonorHealth YouTube Channel.

HonorHealth YouTube Channel

Article updated with visitor information changes on 2/16/2021