What is HonorHealth Complete Care?

You’re feeling unwell and need to see a doctor right away, but your primary care provider isn’t available. Where do you go?

You could visit an …

  • Urgent care: Provides treatment for non-life-threatening conditions, such as common colds, flu, strep throat and lacerations.
  • Emergency room: Provides care and treatment for serious, life-threatening conditions, such as chest or abdominal pain, dehydration and complex fractures.


Selecting the right facility can make a big difference. If you choose an emergency room for treatment when you don’t require one, you will unnecessarily end up paying a lot more for your visit. If you choose an urgent care and require an emergency room, you will not only add unnecessary cost to your visit, but you will also lose valuable time while being transferred to an emergency room.

But what if you didn’t have to make that decision for yourself or a loved one? Now you don't have to. HonorHealth Complete Care is a full-service emergency room and urgent care under one roof – the first of its kind in Arizona. This approach to care takes the guesswork out of where you should go to seek care when you aren’t feeling well or are injured. This means, you will not have to worry about which type of location you or your loved ones should go to. Board-certified physicians and advanced practitioners will determine the level of care you need.

Want to learn more? Visit our Complete Care page or refer to our FAQs.

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