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Digital Mammography

If you're getting screened for your annual exam or for possible abnormalities, you want the most accurate mammogram possible.

HonorHealth offers some of the most advanced technologies, including 3D mammography, for detecting breast cancer at its earliest, most treatable stage.

Digital mammography is one of the leading tools for detecting breast cancer, providing clear, concise images that can be read within seconds. Our expert team will share diagnostic results the same day so you don't have to wait or worry. Screening results will be shared within 24 hours. The doctor reading the mammogram can ask for additional images as needed, while the patient is still in the center.

3D Technology

Women screened for breast cancer at HonorHealth's Breast Health and Research Center benefit from 3D mammography with digital breast tomosynthesis. The highly sensitive imaging technology provides individual images of thin layers of breast tissue, producing much clearer images. The same technology is available at the Sonoran Health and Emergency Center at 33423 N. 32nd Ave., Phoenix, off Interstate 17.

The clarity of 3D imagery has helped doctors find more cancers than with traditional 2D images alone. Tiny cancers that are invisible in traditional 2D digital mammography appear clearly in 3D imagery.

The enhanced technology raises radiologists' confidence in ruling out breast cancer, without having to call you back for more testing. Because the technology offers improved visual sensitivity, it raises the proportion of mammograms that correctly detect breast cancers.

Detecting Cancer Earlier With Less Exposure

The Breast Health and Research Center was the first in Arizona to offer lower-dose 3D mammography.

In August 2013, the Breast Health and Research Center upgraded its 3D mammography system to a new software called C-View. It provides high-quality medical imaging and increased cancer detection with less compression time and reduced radiation exposure.

The new, lower-dose 3D mammograms are now available at the same cost as conventional 2D mammography at two locations:

  1. The Breast Health and Research Center, 19646 N. 27th Ave., #205, Phoenix, on the Deer Valley Medical Center campus.
  2. The Sonoran Health and Emergency Center, 33423 N. 32nd Ave., Phoenix, off Interstate 17.
  3. John C. Lincoln Medical Center, 9250 N. Third St, Suite 1002, Phoenix, AZ 85020. *This is located inside the Outpatient Medical Imaging Center.

To schedule a mammogram, please call the Breast Health and Research Center at 623-780-HOPE (4673). Please note: A mammography prescription from your primary care provider is required.