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Surgical Oncology

If you're facing a possible cancer surgery, it's understandable that you might feel a bit worried.

At the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center, we'll bring together our highly experienced multidisciplinary team of experts to determine the best plan of care for you based on your cancer type and unique needs.

In many cases, surgery is a major part of any cancer treatment plan. Our caring staff will be with you every step of the way to make sure you understand the procedure and prepare you for recovery and healing.

Surgery can offer the best chance for cure, especially if the cancer hasn't spread to other parts of the body. And with improved technologies, such as robotics, many surgeries can be performed using a minimally invasive approach to improve effectiveness and recovery time.

Providing Surgical Expertise

The Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center offers comprehensive treatment options using the most advanced treatments and technologies, including minimally invasive surgical procedures using da Vinci robotics. Our expert team treats all types of cancer and provides a wide range of surgical expertise:

Less Scarring, Faster Recovery

Imagine surgery being performed through a small incision with less pain, a shorter hospital stay and faster recovery. At HonorHealth, our expert physicians use leading robotic technology to make this a reality.

The da Vinci Robotic Surgery System has opened numerous innovative approaches to minimally invasive surgery. It enables our surgeons to pursue alternatives to traditional laparoscopy and invasive open surgical procedures.

Surgeons can perform more delicate and precise procedure with this technology. Compared with typical open surgery, smaller incisions are needed (1 to 2 centimeters, instead of 15 to 30 centimeters), resulting in less scarring. Patients who have had surgery using the robotic surgery system commonly require less recovery time and report less postoperative pain.

Da Vinci is a recommended choice for many patients needing surgery in the areas of colorectal, general surgery, head and neck, gynecology, oncology and urology, and is available at the following HonorHealth locations:

For more information on any of our surgical treatment options, please contact a cancer care coordinator at 480-323-1255 or 877-273-3639.