Spine surgery – second opinion

Has a doctor recommended surgery to treat your chronic back pain, back injury or other spine condition? Before you schedule surgery, take the time to talk with an HonorHealth spine care expert to get a second opinion. It's the best way to get peace of mind and know if you're making the right decision.

When to get a second opinion

Whether your back issues are caused by strain, injury or overuse, the effects can be painful and debilitating. When non-surgical treatments like medication, injections and physical therapy fail to provide relief, surgery may be the appropriate next step. However, the decision to undergo surgery should never be made lightly.

Getting a second opinion from an HonorHealth spine care expert can help you make sure:

  • The potential benefits of surgery outweigh the risks
  • All non-surgical options have been exhausted
  • You understand the surgery and recovery process
  • You know exactly what type of surgery is right for your condition
  • If you qualify for minimally invasive surgery
  • You feel comfortable with the recommended surgical plan

Already had a spine procedure?

If you've already undergone a spine procedure and now a second, more extensive surgery is being recommended, you may want to get a second opinion. While it's not uncommon for a follow-up surgery to be necessary, the reasons and expected outcomes must be clearly outlined. Talking to another doctor can confirm that additional surgery is warranted. It can also help manage expectations for your long-term health and well-being.

When not to get a second opinion

While second opinions are generally a good idea, there are instances when it's not feasible or beneficial to delay surgery. These may include traumatic events that require emergency surgery or when a neurological deficit and/or rapidly declining neurological function necessitate immediate surgical intervention.

Request a second opinion

Request a second opinion with an HonorHealth spine expert

To request an appointment for a second opinion, call 623-580-5800 for a referral or find a neurosurgeon in the Phoenix area.

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