Discovering Empowerment Through Nurse's Support

HonorHealth Stories - Deborah

In the hospital with her third heart attack and an out-of-control glucose level, Deborah knew she needed to make changes. That's when she met Mary Lee Lehrich, a nurse and diabetes educator. Together they created an individualized plan that's turning Deborah's health around.

"Diabetes is really a pain. It's frustrating at times because it would be easier not to have it," Deborah said. "Mary Lee, my diabetes nurse, sees my struggle, and she works with me."

While in the hospital, Deborah's A1C was a 10. Now it's been 7 to 7.5 consistently.

"My desire is to get better, but people like me don't often get help. We think we can do everything on our own," Deborah said. "I'm thankful Mary Lee is on my team. We haven't gotten there yet, but we have a plan, and we're on the way."

Deborah now cares for her elderly parents. Her father also has diabetes, and Deborah uses her education to take better care of him, too.

While there is no cure for diabetes, Deborah now knows that proper care can prevent long-term complications. Certified diabetes educators and nurses like Mary Lee work with patients and community members who seek help with diabetes before it's out of control. They create individual plans to help patients control the disease, improve their quality of life and avoid more health problems down the road.

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