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Mission and purpose

HonorHealth is deeply committed to advancing research, quality improvement (QI) and patient safety (PS) initiatives throughout our healthcare system. ResQIPS is an interprofessional, network-wide with a mission to facilitate healthcare professionals throughout the research phases of their projects. Committed to enabling residents, fellows and faculty, our goals include providing support, resources and mentorship to advance research projects and quality improvement endeavors. ResQIPS endeavors to foster a culture of inquiry and excellence in healthcare while ensuring alignment with ACGME Common Core requirements for quality improvement, patient safety, research and scholarly activity.

ResQIPS goals


  • Facilitate comprehensive support for scholarly endeavors, including project management, access to library services and robust statistical and data analytics support.
  • Align scholarly works with institutional priorities while actively involving practice teams.
  • Enhance the scholarly experience by engaging in multidisciplinary committee presentations for invaluable feedback and approval.
  • Advances the research process by identifying quality improvement initiatives and streamlining IRB submissions.


  • Develop a robust framework for institutional CLER data sets and reporting, focusing on resident-level quality metrics.
  • Establish an efficient process and governance structure to effectively support research, scholarship, grants and awards data requirements.


  • Increase the quantity and diversity of scholarly outputs, including peer-reviewed publications and presentations at national, regional and international conferences for both faculty and residents.


  • Foster collaborative partnerships with key organizational stakeholders to identify and sustain scholarly research projects.
  • Forge alliances with internal and external collaborators to devise innovative educational pathways that cater to the evolving needs of our learners and the communities we serve.
  • Infuse principles of health systems science throughout the HonorHealth medical training curricula, striving to enhance population health, reduce the total cost of care and elevate the patient experience.
  • Disseminate research findings and recommendations through various channels, spanning local, national and international platforms to maximize impact and reach.

The ResQIPS team

Craig Norquist

Craig Norquist, MD
ResQIPS Chairman
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Catherine Wagner headshot

Catherine Wagner, Ed.D.
CME manager
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Jenna Brocchini headshot

Jenna Brocchini
CME coordinator
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Asia Powell headshot

Asia Powell
CME coordinator
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ResQIPS committee

The ResQIPS committee serves as a dedicated platform, offering support, education and resources for medical students, residents, faculty and various interprofessional learners within the HonorHealth community. The committee delivers valuable feedback and guidance on research and quality improvement projects, ensuring alignment with institutional and accreditation requirements. Committed to fostering a culture of inquiry and upholding the highest standards of healthcare excellence, the ResQIPS committee is unwavering in its dedication to providing residents, faculty and interprofessional learners with the essential support, education and resources needed to actively participate in research, quality improvement and patient safety activities. The committee convenes every third Wednesday of the month, from 7:30 – 9 a.m., by invitation only. For further details, contact ResQIPS.

ResQIPS process

resqips process

Project support services

  • Interdisciplinary networking and collaboration assistance
  • Access to templates and resources
  • Guidance on project design and biostatistics consultation
  • Assistance with IRB processes, project management and publishing
  • Supportive project management throughout research phases

ResQIPS program impact

The ResQIPS program supported 52 projects over a 16-month period. During this time, the dedicated liaison staff provided 132 service activities, including consultations, project management activities and editing/writing tasks. Of the supported projects, 25 were completed, resulting in a 47% completion rate. Additionally, 19% of the projects were abandoned, indicating a cessation of work, while 34% remain active and ongoing.

resQIPS top services

Scholarly projects

ResQIPS – The Reed Family Visiting Scholar Program

The Reed Family Visiting Scholar Program was initially crafted to provide HonorHealth's Internal Medicine faculty and residents with exposure to distinguished scholars in the field of medicine. Over time, it became evident that extending the program to all Graduate Medical Education (GME) programs within HonorHealth would yield substantial benefits in terms of scholarly engagement and activities. As such, the overarching mission of the Reed Family Visiting Scholar Program is to invite renowned speakers who offer unique scholarly experiences to HonorHealth's Graduate Medical Education Programs.

In 2023, we had the privilege of hosting esteemed speakers through the Reed Family Visiting Scholar program, including Dr. David Sklar, Dr. Darilyn Moyer and Dr. David T. Martin, significantly enriching our scholarly environment. Led by ResQIPS, our aspirations for 2024 are deeply rooted in our commitment to sustain and elevate this program. To realize this vision, ResQIPS spearheads this initiative, collaborating across disciplines to discern the needs of our learners and utilizing this insight to recruit and schedule prominent speakers for the program. Additionally, ResQIPS will analyze evaluation data to discern emerging trends and ascertain the most pertinent subject matter for our residents, fellows and faculty. The collaboration between ResQIPS and key stakeholders involved in the Reed Family Visiting Scholar Program will be instrumental in perpetuating our mission of fostering scholarly output and activity.


Vision and goals for 2024 include:

  • Honoring the Reed Family Visiting Scholar program by inviting notable leaders in medicine to join HonorHealth for an immersive visiting scholarship experience.
  • Supporting scholarship needs for projects mentored by the Reed Visiting Scholars, which may include statistical support, editorial assistance and more.
  • Analyzing data and program needs to determine the most suitable speakers and activities and identify various opportunities aligned with our goals.
  • Continuing to increase the number of Reed Visiting Scholars to foster an academic environment conducive to scholarly and published works.
ResQIPS vision and goals