Research incubator

The HonorHealth Research Institute is a research incubator, a team science apparatus with four major parts:

  1. Processes.
  2. Programs.
  3. Projects.
  4. People.

Made up of scientists, nurses and physicians, the HonorHealth Research Institute faculty generates ideas for treating disease and other conditions to help their patients. Collaborators such as TGen and universities like Johns Hopkins and Harvard help turn the wheels of research. The incubator serves as:

  • The platform for the science that makes a doctor's idea a reality, bringing it to market quickly and improving patient care.
  • The facilitator for creating a new era of medicine that results in improved patient care.
  • The talent base, from within HonorHealth and from collaborators, to test drugs and devices to help patients.

The research incubator not only is building intellectual capital and technological know-how, it's also producing cutting-edge innovation. An example is the Early Detection Program. Initiated by a Research Institute physician, the project will follow family members of pancreatic cancer patients for years. Research Institute staff are gathering data to determine if the disease can be detected — and possibly cured — in its early stages.

The HonorHealth Research Institute and the HonorHealth Foundation bring in the financial support for the research incubator, getting grants from organizations and building new relationships.


Resource: HonorHealth Research Institute Investigator Manual (PDF).