A surgeon's skill, exceptional care and the latest equipment add up to an ace

An avid singles tennis player, Albert Jacobs wasn't going to let hip replacement surgery keep him off the court for long.

Thanks to Bertrand Kaper, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at HonorHealth, and the team at HonorHealth Scottsdale Thompson Peak Medical Center, it didn't.

He was up and walking just hours after surgery and discharged the next day. Within three months, Albert was hitting tennis balls launched by a ball machine and soon thereafter was back to playing singles for two hours, twice a week.

"I'm very grateful for Dr. Kaper's surgical skills and the excellent care at Thompson Peak Medical Center," says the 77-year-old patent attorney and family/commercial mediator. "It's my personal belief that Dr. Kaper is the best."

Albert has similar praise for the staff at Scottsdale Thompson Peak Medical Center, referring to them as "the nicest, most concerned group of individuals working for a hospital that I've ever seen."

Each person preparing him for surgery explained exactly what was going to be done, what to expect and how long it would take, Albert recalls. When he woke up in recovery, "someone was right there at my bedside, asking how I felt and if I needed anything."

"I've never seen a more attentive staff," Albert says. "They do everything they can to care for patients, help them relax and ease their minds—and they do it superbly."

Thompson Peak Medical Center's compassionate care continued when Albert was moved from the recovery area to a patient room. He was told that a team member would soon help him walk around the unit, and that's exactly what happened. Before long, Albert had completed the customary two walks and rang the nurse when he wanted to do a third.

"Someone was right there and ready," says Albert. "It wasn't like, ‘not you, again.' Each time, they stood next to me as I walked to ensure I was safe and not going to fall. They are exceptional people who do everything in a timely, caring manner."

Albert experienced compassionate, quality care firsthand, and again when his wife visited Scottsdale Thompson Peak Medical Center's emergency department after a car accident caused whiplash and a concussion.

"They had excellent service, a very caring attitude and were very thorough in their examination. The doctor took the time to go over what he found and tell us what to do and what to expect. I was very pleased with the care," says Albert.

So was his wife. In fact, a minor cut on her arm later brought her back to Thompson Peak Medical Center's emergency department.

"They look after patients like they'd look over one of their own family members," sums up Albert.

Working with medical device and pharmaceutical companies during much of his legal career, he couldn't help but notice one other thing about the hospital.

It has "the latest and finest equipment," Albert says. "I was really impressed."

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