HonorHealth is committed to sustainability

Starting Wednesday, April 10, 2024, HonorHealth patients and guarantors with a MyChart account will be automatically enrolled in paperless billing and will stop receiving paper billing statements in the mail.

What you can do now:

  • Go green and save paper. Sign in to MyChart before the auto-enrollment date on April 10 to update your preferences and begin receiving electronic billing statements immediately.
  • Choose to continue with paper statements. Between now and April 10, sign in to your MyChart account to select this option. Please note: This is only available on your web browser, not through the MyChart app.

After April 10, you can choose to cancel paperless billing at any time. You’ll need to sign in to MyChart to select and return to paper billing statements. Patients who do not have a MyChart account will continue to receive paper billing statements in the mail.


Q: What is paperless billing and how does it work?

A: Patients and guarantors who have a MyChart account will receive an electronic notification when a new statement is ready, instead of receiving a paper billing statement in the mail. The notification will be sent to the email address on file within MyChart.

Q: What is a guarantor?

A: The guarantor is the person or entity responsible for paying the balance of an account.

Q: Where can I view my paperless statements?

A: All statements will be posted in your MyChart account under the “Billing” section.

Q: How will I be notified that I have a statement available?

A: When a new statement is available, you will receive a notification in your MyChart account and to the email linked to your account.

Q: When my account is changed to paperless billing, what changes will I see?

A: You will start receiving billing statements electronically through MyChart. Currently, three statements are sent to patients as part of the billing cycle. This change will only impact the first two statements. If you don’t respond to the first two statements delivered electronically, you will then receive the third statement via mail.

Q: Can I pay my bills online?

A: Yes. HonorHealth patients have two options to securely pay medical bills online.

  • Online billing: Patients who have a MyChart account can receive and pay medical bills online and review payment history by entering their MyChart username and password.
  • Pay as a guest: Patients or family members who don’t have a MyChart account can pay their medical bills online by entering their account number and guarantor’s last name. The account number can be found on your statement. The guarantor is the person financially responsible for the account.

Q: What if I want to switch back to paper statements?

A: If you’re automatically enrolled, you can choose to cancel paperless billing at any time. Sign in to MyChart to switch back to continue receiving printed billing statements in the mail.

Q: What happens if I don’t realize that I have a statement ready in MyChart and I miss the due date?

A: At 60 days past due, HonorHealth has procedures in place to actively reach out via mail for accounts with outstanding balances. Several attempts will be made to ensure that you have seen the bill.

Q: I have both hospital and physician bills. Will both be transitioned to paperless statements/billing?

A: Yes, for those who are the guarantor of a MyChart account, both hospital and physician bills will now be paperless.