Bariatric clinical trials and research

The demand for innovative — and less invasive — treatments for weight loss continues to grow. Under the direction of HonorHealth's nationally recognized bariatric surgeons, the HonorHealth Bariatric Research Program pursues clinical research to treat obesity. The goal? To help you lose weight and gain a better quality of life.

The program places an emphasis on investigating new endoscopic and nonsurgical weight loss approaches, focusing on treatments that don't permanently alter the anatomy of your GI tract.

About bariatric research at HonorHealth

Launched in 2011 through the HonorHealth Research Institute, the Bariatric Research Program has already made significant progress with innovative weight loss treatments, including:

  • Participating in clinical trials that have resulted in FDA approval of new devices, including an intragastric balloon, which is placed in the stomach with an endoscope.
  • Impacting 300-plus patients who have participated in clinical trials.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, the program is one of the few in Arizona conducting weight loss clinical trials.

Bariatrics clinical trials

Search active clinical trials at HonorHealth. To find out more about clinical trials and eligibility: Call 833-354-6667 or send an email.

For additional questions or concerns contact HonorHealth Research Institute.

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