After bariatric surgery

Successful long-term weight loss depends on your dedication to a new lifestyle after your bariatric surgery. Your rate of weight loss will vary based on your commitment to making life-changing modifications to your eating and exercise routines.

In addition to the various behavior modifications that are important in your recovery, you must also:

In order for you to understand your body after surgery, HonorHealth Bariatric Center has developed a Post-Operative Education seminar.

About a week after surgery, you will be required to attend a group session that will reinforce the established guidelines for optimal outcomes. These include:

  • Psychological Fundamentals for Long Term Success
  • Nutrition After Surgery

You should also refer to the nutrition and fitness guidelines in your patient handbook to ensure your post-operative success. During your post-operative class, we will guide you as a you eat your first meal of solid food and answer any questions you may have about nutrition, fitness and recovery.

Bariatric surgery follow-up visits

To help ensure your health and your success after surgery, follow up is essential. You'll return for a follow-up appointment one week after surgery in our office, then again at two months, six months and one year post surgery. After that, we would like to see you once a year as it is very important for you to keep up-to-date on nutrition and vitamin levels.

At each appointment, we will also check your overall physical condition and we will weigh and measure you with sophisticated equipment to calculate your body's water, fat and muscle make-up. If you have undergone the Adjustable Gastric Band procedure, we may also adjust the band during this visit.

We will also re-evaluate any medications you take to ensure they are still correct for you and we'll review your plan for taking multi-vitamins including B12 and iron and calcium supplements. In-office visits are also a good time to review any questions you have about your recovery, diet or exercise.

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Ongoing support after surgery

We know that ongoing support after your bariatric weight loss surgery procedure is vital to your ongoing success and wellbeing. To help you, we offer in-person support groups as well as online support via our dedicated support forum and the new Bari-App.

Support groups are a great place for you to share your questions, concerns and experiences. You can also learn from other patients' successes and challenges.

Groups are confidential and led by professional facilitators who offer a relaxed, focused atmosphere.

On-site groups

  • Pre-op to Three Months Post-Surgery - Education, Guest Speakers, Emotional Support.
    First Monday and third Wednesday of the month (excluding holidays).
    6-7:30 pm.
  • Four Months and Beyond Post-Surgery - Education, Guest Speakers, Emotional Support.
    First Monday of the month (excluding holidays).
    6-7:30 pm.

On-site support groups meet at:

Shea Medical Center
Brady Conference Center
9300 E. Shea Blvd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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Online support group

To support you in your recovery, HonorHealth offers online support groups where you can interact with other bariatric surgery patients and staff, as well as post questions, comments or feedback.

This site is available to all registered Honor Health bariatric surgery patients, both pre- and post-surgery. It's set up in a chat room format, so you can access it at any time that suits your schedule.

A number of important topics will be discussed, regardless of your surgery status. The online support group helps you become educated about life after surgery, as well as anticipate behavior changes needed to ensure your success.

For information, please visit

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HonorHealth Bariatric App — a patient tool

HonorHealth Bariatric Center now offers a mobile app to help support your journey through surgical weight loss.

The HonorHealth Bariatric App was designed to be a patient tool that you can use before and after your weight loss surgery. With it, you can:
  • Log your weight.
  • Track your nutrition and exercise.
  • Email questions to your providers.
  • Request appointments.
  • View bariatric-friendly recipes.
  • See other success stories that include before and after photos.
  • Access the support forum and vitamin e-store.

Self-monitoring is strongly encouraged at all stages of your journey. Over the years, studies have shown us that patients who log their activities regularly are more successful long-term. In addition to food and exercise, you may also log sleep, stress, hunger, and movement. This allows you to review past trends and see how they relate to your results. There is also easy access to our patient support forum and our vitamin e-store.

The HonorHealth Bariatric App is intended to encourage you to take a proactive approach to losing weight. Pop-ups and push notifications will encourage new patients to view our online educational seminar, after which they may complete the new patient packet to have sent to our office. Existing patients will be reminded to self-monitor, in addition to attending classes, support groups, and any special events.

Get the HonorHealth Bariatric App from the iTunes Store (for iOS devices) and from the Google Play Store (for Android devices).

HonorHealth Bariatric App - App Store
HonorHealth Bariatric App - Google Play Store

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