We understand how difficult it can be to manage a chronic health condition. HonorHealth is excited to offer patients the first FDA-approved heart failure device system proven to significantly reduce heart failure hospitalizations by 37 percent. It is also proven to improve the quality of life for patients with reduced or preserved ventricular ejection fractions and reduce the economic burden of congestive heart failure (CHF).

CardioMEMS is an implantable pulmonary artery monitoring device that is indicated for patients diagnosed with NYHA Class III Congestive Heart Failure.

How Does it Work?

Upon discharge, the patient will be educated on the CardioMEMS system that will go home with them. The remote monitoring unit consists of an Electronic unit and a Pillow unit. The patients obtain daily measurements by simply laying on the pillow for approximately 18 seconds while the system obtains a reading. Once reading is obtained, the data is then transmitted to the CMEMS database which the patient's physician can then readily review these changes and make necessary alterations to the current treatment plan. CardioMEMS is a progressive and innovative option for CHF treatment to be used in conjunction with optimal medical therapy and a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of CardioMEMS

  • Data is effectively captured electronically once per day.
  • Physician is electronically alerted to follow up with the patient weeks before onset of symptoms, reducing hospital readmission.
  • System ease of use surpasses traditional CHF regime.
  • System assesses time-based trend data to best develop individual treatment plan.
  • Effectiveness of treatment plans can be actively visualized through the CMEMS database.
  • Significant reduction in hospital readmission.
  • Proactive approach to CHF management and event reduction.
  • Improves the patient's quality of life.

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