Level I Trauma Centers at HonorHealth

Every minute counts when you have a severe injury that threatens life and limb. Your chance of survival is greatest if you receive treatment within the first hour of the injury.

A team of highly trained physicians, specialists and staff work together with practiced precision 24/7 to save lives at HonorHealth's Level I trauma centers at Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center, John C. Lincoln Medical Center and Deer Valley Medical Center. The team treats a wide variety of severe injuries ranging from gunshot and stab wounds to those resulting from car and boat accidents.

Trauma care involves the entire facility, using state of-the-art technology, available staff and all of the many resources a trauma patient will need.

Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center, John C. Lincoln Medical Center and Deer Valley Medical Center are three of eight trauma centers in Arizona to earn the highest designation by the American College of Surgeons. That indicates our dedication to ensuring that protocols, education and quality outcomes are met and exceeded. Beyond training our staff, we also train first responders, physicians, medical directors of regional hospitals and nurses throughout Arizona.

Phases of Trauma Care

Understanding the phases of trauma care can help eliminate the unknowns and make a potential visit less stressful:

  • Phase One: Pre-hospital care, often referred to as "the field," is where first responders such as paramedics try to stabilize the trauma patient's injuries. The survival of many seriously injured patients is directly related to the quality of pre-hospital care.
  • Phase Two: When the doors to our Emergency Department swing open, you're rushed to a trauma resuscitation room. Advanced technology helps the trauma center team to diagnose the extent of your injuries and begin necessary treatments.
  • Phase Three: You're transferred from the Emergency Room to the Operating Room, Intensive Care Unit or hospital floor. Here, we further stabilize injuries and continue treatment.
  • Phase Four: You conclude your recovery at home or go to a rehabilitation or convalescent center.