Breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding sometimes offers challenges. You may be concerned about whether your baby is latched onto the breast correctly or getting enough milk.

HonorHealth offers a team of board-certified lactation consultants with advanced training in breastfeeding management. This team can enhance your breastfeeding experience through education, support and problem-solving. A consultation with a lactation expert can ease your uncertainty and help your baby feed more effectively.

Center for Breastfeeding Support

If you suspect a problem or simply need reassurance, schedule an appointment at the Center for Breastfeeding Support. The first few days after you've left the hospital can be emotional or frustrating as you and your baby learn to breastfeed. If you were seen by a lactation consultant during your hospital stay, you’re encouraged to schedule a follow-up consultation in the outpatient center. A physician referral may be required.

To schedule an appointment for breastfeeding support:


Fees may apply; they are covered by some insurance companies. Please check with your insurance provider. If coverage is not provided for lactation consultations, you may pay a reduced fee at the time of service.

If you'd like to rent a breast pump or need breastfeeding supplies, contact Essential Touch Wellness Center at 480-323-3655 at Shea Medical Center. At Sonoran Crossing Medical Center, talk with your lactation specialist. A $40 deposit via credit or debit card is required.

Additional Resources for Breastfeeding

The feeding log (PDF) is one of many breast feeding support resources that you’ll find on the pages in this section. You also can download, save or print the referenced PDFs.