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Birthing Centers

The right place to welcome your newborn

Preparing for childbirth

Your baby will be here soon, but before the big day arrives, take a tour, pre-register at the hospital and sign up for prenatal classes.

During your hospital stay

After HonorHealth OB experts help deliver your baby, you’ll have a new “roomie” in your postpartum suite.

Now that you're home

Need answers to questions about breastfeeding or caring for your baby? Need some support adjusting to parenthood? HonorHealth has the resources to help.

Tiny NICU baby writes mommy in ICU

Tiny NICU baby writes mommy in ICU

Born early at 1 pound, 15 ounces, Holden struggles to breathe with underdeveloped lungs. Three days later, his mother found herself in ICU. See how a NICU nurse connected mama and baby.