Requesting Arizona Birth Certificates

Your baby's birth certificate is one of the most important documents a family can possess. It remains important for decades, as a child registers for school and extracurricular programs, applies for a passport and pursues job opportunities.

After your baby is born, the hospital's Medical Records department will review and verify with you information about you and your new baby. This will happen before the department sends a required completed application to the State of Arizona for a certified birth certificate. The state charges a fee and requires a copy of your driver's license as part of the application process.

When you choose to apply for a Social Security number for your baby, it will be mailed to you a few months later by the Social Security Administration.

To obtain birth certificates call federal records at 602-506-6805

If you have any questions, please contact Scottsdale Shea Medical Center at 480-323-3095 or Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center at 480-882-4045.