Trauma research

As part of HonorHealth’s commitment to improving the delivery of care for patients with serious or life-threatening injuries, the HonorHealth Research Institute conducts extensive trauma research.

The Institute's Trauma Research program brings together in-depth teams, including scientists, emergency physicians, trauma surgeons, nurses and respiratory care professionals, to conduct trauma research.

We are constantly working to advance our field with new knowledge and discoveries. As Level 1 American College of Surgeons-verified trauma centers, we participate in this process by creating a culture of inquisitiveness, collecting data for interpretation, presenting at conferences and publishing our findings in peer reviewed journals. In addition to sharing this knowledge, our culture helps us value other researchers’ work and keeps us on the leading-edge of the practices that save patients’ lives.

Studies are conducted at HonorHealth Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center, John C. Lincoln Medical Center and Deer Valley Medical Center, which are Level 1 trauma centers accredited by the American College of Surgeons.

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While providing excellent patient care will always be our primary focus, advancing the fields of trauma and critical care are also important. One of our missions is to educate and train providers at all levels in the science and practice of caring for injured and critically ill patients. That’s why we developed a Surgical Critical Care fellowship that is accredited by the American Council for Graduate Medical Education.

The program is designed for surgeons who have graduated from a residency program and want to pursue advanced education and training in shock resuscitation, mechanical ventilation, and management of organ failures, as well as other practices necessary for management of critically ill patients. We focus on the implementation of evidence-based practices and provide an in-depth education for the fellow, residents and medical students on the service.

“The HonorHealth Surgical Critical Care Fellowship is designed to train fellows competent in trauma and critical care for ACS Level I or II trauma centers,” said Frank Bauer, MD, a general and trauma surgeon at HonorHealth. “The fellowship program is tailored to provide a learning experience aimed at developing the knowledge and skills to function as an attending surgical intensivist.”

Research studies


Community education and injury prevention

For more information, please contact the HonorHealth Network Trauma Outreach/Injury Prevention Educator at 480-583-0670 or the HonorHealth Trauma Outreach and Prevention Specialist at 480-583-0615.

For more information on trauma research studies at HonorHealth Research Institute, please email Dr. Kepros or Dr. Haag.