Educational conferences

All resident conferences are delivered live, through live webinar, and available through our online learning platform.

Core lecture series

This lecture series is delivered by core faculty, subspecialty faculty and other non-clinical content experts. Lectures are designed to cover the basic curriculum relevant to a general internist. The presentations prepare you for the practice of medicine and ensure you have the knowledge to pass the American Board of Internal Medicine certifying examination. This core lecture series groups learning in general medicine, in the medical subspecialties and related medical specialties to provide some continuity of learning and scheduling.

Morning report

At morning report, you present active cases on the inpatient medical service to your peers, the program director, the core faculty and specialty faculty. You learn not only to demonstrate your medical knowledge but sharpen your analytic skills in interpreting the literature, learn from previous cases, understand the systems of care that will be required for the patient during their stay and discuss the patient’s expected transitions of care. A medical librarian attends this conference to support the residents and faculty in getting information needed for decision-making.

Ambulatory core/case conference

These short conferences are attended by core faculty and non-faculty providers in the continuity clinic and residents in continuity or ambulatory block rotations. This is a combination of ambulatory topics and residents’ case presentations from their continuity clinic with features of particular current interest or controversy. This conference fosters skills in the location and appraisal of evidence from scientific studies and direct application of evidence to patient care, promoting a practice of lifelong learning. The core series is an adjunctive review of relevant outpatient topics, both core general internal medicine/practice of medicine/quality and safety/subspecialty topics broken down by every three months with a rotating schedule.

The Great Debates

This is a resident-led interactive session in which two resident teams choose a controversial topic in medicine. Each group formally debates the merits of each side of the topic. Faculty advisers work with each teams to help sharpen their skills in analyzing the literature, but the key learning is that the faculty and staff learn both sides of each controversial topic.

Work/life balance and the art of medicine

This curriculum is designed to teach you about career counseling, finding the joy in medicine, and taking the time to care for your personal mental, physical and financial health. It also will include sessions on recognition of burnout, fatigue and dealing with loss. This series also will focus on the art of medicine, including our physician specialist who teaches physician communication.

Health care delivery conference

This conference is designed to teach you about healthcare delivery and the business side of medicine you’ll need to know after graduation. Topics will range from medical contracts, billing and coding standards, ICD-10, etc.

Journal club

This is a resident-led interactive session under the supervision of core faculty and those faculty members with content expertise on the topics chosen for presentation. You present a critical appraisal of an article from medical literature that’s topical and relevant to recent medical experience. This conference is designed to foster skills in use of information technology to optimize learning and expand skills in appraisal and assimilation of evidence from scientific studies.

Multidisciplinary clinical forum

This quarterly meeting is a quality-based, system-wide forum coordinated by residents who serve as Champions of Quality and Patient Safety on the Quality/Safety Committee of the medical staff. Professionals from many disciplines, including physicians, nurses, therapists, administrators and quality experts meet to discuss, plan and implement clinical improvement projects on a system-wide basis. This conference is an integral part of the quality and safety curriculum.

Grand rounds

The monthly Grand Round lectures bring national, regional, and state faculty to HonorHealth to provide education to faculty, residents, students, nurses, and administrators.


The three retreats below are planned during the three years of your residency. Other retreats will be added as determined by the need of the residents and the Residency Committee.

  1. Year 1 Transitioning to Leader and Teacher Retreat: Will be held near the end of the PGY-1 year in anticipation of the transition to your PGY-2 leadership role.
  2. Year 2 Career Guidance Retreat: Will be held at the end of the PGY-2 year when you’re starting to think about future career paths.
  3. An annual half-day resident retreat: Will focus solely on residency stress/fatigue or a topic picked by the residents/chief residents.