Internal Medicine Residency Program

Program Director's welcome

Prospective Residents,

Thank you for your interest in our program. HonorHealth is a special place and I am excited to share the ways in which we offer strong clinical training in a supportive environment.

The Internal Medicine Residency Program at HonorHealth Thompson Peak Medical Center offers a unique experience for residents' training. The program features a strong concentration on resident wellness, growth and development, educational innovation, and patient-centered quality care. We are proud of the educational experience we have created and the exceptional care we provide to our patients. In fact, HonorHealth Thompson Peak Medical Center was ranked number three in Forbes/IBM Watson’s 25 Top Teaching Hospitals 2021 List.

Medical school often puts learners in a fixed mindset – do well at all costs and hide your deficiencies – “grades over growth”. At HonorHealth, we foster a growth mindset where it is our goal to help you uncover knowledge gaps in a supportive way so we can learn and grow together.

Our small residency size allows for more personalized, one-on-one faculty interactions. We have an amazing team of educators who are passionate about teaching and connecting with our residents. Our goal is to train you to be the strongest physician you can be and help you achieve your career goals, be it fellowship, primary care or hospital medicine.

HonorHealth is a wonderful healthcare system to be a part of, and has a strong focus on patient safety and quality, physician satisfaction, and diversity, equity and inclusion. You truly feel like an appreciated member of the team at HonorHealth.

To top it off, we are located in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ, with all the amenities and activities for foodies, sports fans and outdoor enthusiasts alike!

Read our Chief Resident's welcome letter.

Dana Sall, MD - HonorHealth Internal Medicine Residency Program
Dana Sall, MD, MEd, FACP