Why choose the HonorHealth Internal Medicine Residency Program?

Program benefits

See our residency program benefits (PDF).

Why choose HonorHealth Internal Medicine Residency program?

The HonorHealth Internal Medicine Residency Program offers:

  • An innovative resident conference schedule that includes conferences on work-life balance, the art of medicine, medical debates and the practical business aspects of medicine you'll need to be successful after graduation. This includes a partnership with ASU College of Health Solutions providing a Certificate in Healthcare Delivery for resident participation.
  • More personalized faculty mentoring of our resident physicians, since our program is smaller than other residency programs.
  • We're based in north Scottsdale, which could allow for an easy transition to a successful practice with HonorHealth Medical Group or other very successful area practices upon graduation or after a later fellowship.
  • Very competitive salary and benefits for you and your family.

In addition, the program offers:

  • Featured resident retreats on leadership, education, and career development.
  • A favorable resident physician call schedule designed to maximize learning over service.
  • NEJM Knowledge + Board and Study Prep for all residents, Yale Ambulatory Curriculum, online access to UpToDate™, full text articles, textbooks and an on-site medical librarian who participates in educational conferences.
  • Ambulatory/inpatient model that allows resident flexibility with scheduling while allowing continuity of care in the ambulatory settings.

Morning reports

Some examples of morning report presentations by our residents are:

  • Retropharyngeal Cellulitis.
  • SJS.
  • Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis.
  • Lung Carcinoid.
  • Polyglandular Autoimmune Disease type 1.
  • LCHADD – Vertebra/Artery Dissection.
  • New UC with enteropathic monoarthritis.
  • Pasteurella bacteremia.
  • Pseudomonal diarrhea.
  • GPA.
  • ADPKD.
  • HIV encephalitis late presentation.

Team activities

HonorHealth Internal Medicine Residency Program team activities