Resident wellness

Wellness has been recognized as a key issue facing physicians in today’s climate. In 2017, the National Academy of Medicine launched the Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience, a network of more than 60 organizations committed to reversing trends in clinician burnout.

The Collaborative has three goals:

  1. Raise the visibility of clinician anxiety, burnout, depression, stress and suicide.
  2. Improve baseline understanding of challenges to clinician well-being
  3. Advance evidence-based, multidisciplinary solutions to improve patient care by "caring for the caregiver".

We have taken these goals to heart. Our core faculty Wellness Director is Dr. Connie Abarikwu. Under her leadership, we have chosen to focus our energy on many program-specific initiatives on fostering wellness.

Dr. Connie Abarikwu
Dr. Connie Abarikwu, MD, FACP

These include:

  • A curriculum on recognizing and combatting burnout
  • Training interested residents in Peer Support Group techniques
  • Providing wellness days where residents take an extra day off during their ambulatory/elective rotations to foster mindfulness and self-care
  • Wellness retreats throughout the year, aimed at promoting togetherness and providing a mental break from clinical work
    Internal Medicine residents at equine retreat

    Residents at equine retreat

    Residents on a night out

    Residents enjoy an night out together

    HonorHealth also has a commitment to promoting physician wellness. Some of the programs offered to all residents include:

    • Employee Assistance Program – access to confidential counselors via phone or online; extended to 6 free sessions during COVID
    • Caring for the Caregiver – unlimited phone access to confidential support group trained counselors
    • Discounted rates at HonorHealth Essential Touch Wellness Spa and Boutique