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Knee Treatment and Surgery

When you're living with knee pain, you may have trouble walking or keeping up with normal activities. Because the knee is the largest and strongest joint in your body, problems there can affect more than just the joint.

Knees have three components:

  • Femur: This connects to your thighbone and helps your kneecap move up and down when you bend your leg.
  • Tibia: This is also known as your shin bone. It connects the ankle bone to the knee bone.
  • Patella: Also known as your kneecap, it sits in front of the joint to provide protection.

When any of these components or the surrounding areas (tissues, cartilage or ligaments) are injured or affected by disease, you probably feel some discomfort. Arthritis is one of the most common causes of chronic knee pain and the leading cause of disability. It's estimated that this disease affects more than 70 million people in the U.S.

As you consider your options on the road to being pain-free, your HonorHealth doctor will start by talking with you about your knee pain. You might hear about nonsurgical options, or surgery may be the recommendation:


  • Physical therapy, including conditioning exercises.
  • Medications and injections.
  • Lifestyle modifications.